A versatile box for many occasions - this pack can speak a thousand words. 


- The NED Collection Harmie Vase in Violet. Inspired by Vietnamese Artisans, the Harmie Vase brings organic, soft  and calming elements to your environment. Crafted in our neighbours land - New Zealand.

Mini Flower Posies from Oh Blossom wild botanicals, bundled & wrapped for you in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Posies may differ based on seasonal availability.

- Organic Leif Sleep Tea - a calming blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to encourage healthy rest; delicious floral notes of lavender and chamomile, with the calming and healing properties of calendula and rose, finishing with a soothing spearmint. Serving size of the Jar is approx 50.

- Leif Lavender Eye Pillow - ethically made using soft linen and are then hand filled by  Leif Tea Co with organic wheat and organic lavender petals. 

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