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My Story

Covid-19 has taught the world a lot of lessons. For particular industries such as hospitality, travel & entertainment, these past couple of years have been super tough. For myself, have seen the impacts of covid lockdowns on businesses through the hospitality lense, having just secured my first full time role, to be subject to yet another lockdown in Sydney. So - being me... I can't just sit around home and somewhat nothing, I figured why not do something you love. And - here we are. 

I set up Thistle and Twine subsequent to attempting to send a gift to a girlfriend during lockdowns. Not only could I not find any gift boxes that I liked and weren't full of sh*t (excuse my french), affordable & for the last minute frazzled gifters! 

My main mission that drove establishing Thistle and Twine was to make these tough times more bearable for everyone. Times are tough and everyone needs a little pick me up - or a drink for that matter....

I plan on continuing Thistle and Twine after lockdowns and hopefully remembering the moment I published my website as the start of something much bigger. 

So... to the people that forget peoples birthdays, to the people that have stressful lives and simply don't have the time, for those that just don't know what to get someone, and for those people missing their families and wanting to send a 'I'm thinking of you' thought - I will do everything I can to help you. 

Thistle and Twine is launching as a one woman show, so please be patient and kind as I promise to try my best! Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far and to the customers that have so much loyalty - thank you!


Excited to see whats in store, 

Sophia XX